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Our Approach:

Effective Engineering processes enable companies to Maximize their Engineering Return on Investment (E-ROI).  Effective Engineering follows an E-ROI process that works as follows:

  • E - Evaluate

    • Conduct detailed interviews with key executives, managers, and employees throughout the company.

    • Probe all key areas of engineering and other areas that affect engineering.

    • Collect, classify, summarize, evaluate, and analyze data.

    • Identify and prioritize the key problems, issues, and bottlenecks that impede engineering effectiveness.

    • Draw conclusions.

  • R - Recommend

    • Make meaningful and cost-effective recommendations to improve effectiveness.

  • O - Organize

    • Develop plans and approaches to implement the recommendations.

  •  I  - Implement

    • Implement recommendations starting with those with the greatest impact.

An Effective Engineering initial engagement - Evaluate & Recommend - typically takes about three weeks.  The time required to Organize &  Implement will vary as a function of how much needs to be done, and the extent to which Effective Engineering is involved.



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