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Our People:

Tom Dennis - President  [tdennis@effectiveeng.com]

Tom Dennis has over thirty-five years of outstanding engineering and business management experience.  Prior to consulting, Tom was a senior engineering executive and corporate officer at a number of large, medium, and small companies (including Bell Labs, Xylogics, and Cabletron Systems), where he put into practice the principles recommended by Effective Engineering Consulting Services.  Tom has demonstrated success in applying these principles by building and running many product development organizations and in releasing many successful products.  

He has a broad technical and business education (MBA - Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, MS-EE - Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, BS-EE - Lehigh University), all achieved with highest honors.  

He has extensive experience in markets including Software, Networking, Network Management, Telecommunications, Wireless, Storage, and Navigation.  

He has a strong background in product development, including disciplines such as software, hardware, firmware, mechanical, ASICs, RF, audio, and acoustics.  

He has demonstrated strengths in product development methodologies, project management, quality by design, quality assurance, performance engineering, usability engineering, release engineering, sustaining engineering, manufacturing engineering, technical documentation, customer support, product management, and more.  

He has managed groups of over 120 people, as well as smaller groups, and has built and nurtured strong teams throughout his extensive career.


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