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Our Premise:

All too often, engineering gets so wrapped up in what it's doing that it either doesn't take or have the time to step back to see if it's doing the right things in the right ways.  Everyone is working hard, but the results are not what were anticipated or what is required.  Projects take longer, quality is lower, development costs are higher, and revenues are lower.

Are you getting everything you need from your engineering organization?

  • Does your engineering organization fully understand the best ways to develop and deliver high quality products, faster, at less cost, and with fewer people?

  • Are you getting the maximum engineering return on investment (E-ROI)?

  • Do all of your engineers understand your company's vision and their role in implementing that vision?

  • Are all of your engineers well motivated and working effectively as a team?

  • Are your products being developed effectively?

  • Are your projects being delivered in a timely fashion?

  • Are your products of the quality that you and your customers demand?

  • Do you understand what and where the bottlenecks are that impede timely delivery on your engineering commitments?

  • Are your programs delivering what your customers want and need?

  • Are you able to simultaneously and effectively handle new product development and support of your current products?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, Effective Engineering can help.


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