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Our Promise:

Effective Engineering can help engineering excel!  We work cooperatively with engineering to identify problems and ways to improve them, not to place blame.  We rapidly provide a top to bottom, independent, impartial, and agenda-free assessment of the effectiveness of your engineering organization.  We then prioritize the assessment and deliver meaningful and cost-effective recommendations on ways to significantly improve engineering's contribution to the success of your company.  We can then help implement the recommended solutions, yielding significant improvements to your company's top line (revenues) and bottom line (profits).  

  • Effective Engineering can significantly improve the effectiveness of your engineering organization:

    • By identifying the problems, issues, and bottlenecks that impede effectiveness    

    • By recommending changes to eliminate those problems, issues, and bottlenecks  

    • By assisting in the implementation of the recommendations

  • Implementing Effective Engineering's recommendations has enabled our clients to save significantly more than  ten times the cost of our service:

    • By enabling faster development and delivery, on-time and under budget

    • By  ensuring improved quality of the product and its development and delivery

    • By requiring fewer people to accomplish the job, with greater effectiveness   



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